Hens and Chickens

Hens and Chickens


I've always had a huge love of sewing - embroidery, cross stitch, tapestry, hardanger, canvas work, quilting and dress making.  You name it, and I have probably tried it.  It's in my blood, being born and bred in Bradford, with a swathe of maternal ancestors all involved with the wool industry.  My love of the countryside comes from my paternal ancestors.  But that's another story entirely.

One of my earliest memories is of embroidering tablecloths for my mother when I was around five years old.  As I got older, I took up cross stitching, starting with a pin cushion kit on aida.  Although it was a very basic kit, it was enough to get me hooked!  Nowadays I far prefer working on linen to working on aida, although as I get older, it is getting harder to work on small count linens without the aid of a very good halogen magnifying lamp.  I still have some projects on my "to do" list, along with far too many kits waiting to be started which I have collected over the years.

Mill Hill Ring Cushion

Mill Hill

Catnip Tea by Just Nan

The Sweetheart Tree
I love doing tapestry work because the work grows so quickly.  I don't like working on pre-printed canvas though and will always work from a chart when possible.  The same with Hardanger, which is another favourite of mine,  I have so many projects in the planning stage, including a huge tablecloth which has been waiting many years to be started - and one day it will be started.  Canvas work offers the opportunity to try a variety of stitches, and again, grows very quickly.

Last winter, I spent a lot of time making quilts for my two eldest grandchildren.  I have a huge stash of patchwork fabrics which I have been collecting for many years.  Of course, I simply can't bear to dip into my stash when starting a new project, so I bought all new fabrics for them.  Although I have neglected dressmaking since my daughters grew up, I now have a grandaughter, and I would dearly like to try some heirloom sewing just for her.  Cue my new Janome all singing and all dancing sewing machine!

Ms Divers x

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