Hens and Chickens

Hens and Chickens

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

It's snowing outside but sunny inside!

I am having the most wonderful time in the snow - indoors stitching, what else?!  Whilst the temperature plummets outside, I am all cosy in my little snug, stitching away, and loving every minute.  I think I spend more time just looking at my sampler than actually stitching.  The photo below doesn't do it justice, but you can see that I am now nearing completion of Sampler One. 

My Blue Ribbon Sampler by Olwyn Horwood.

I'm not the fastest of stitchers, usually because I have one eye on my work and another somewhere else, but I do find it so rewarding to be able to see what I have achieved day by day, week by week.  Much more rewarding than just sitting watching the TV. 

I am slowly making the conversion to silks, and have just ordered Moira Blackburn's Time and Season chart, which is a sampler I have wanted to do for so long.  I will be kitting her up in AVAS as soon as she arrives, but I'm afraid she will have to go into the queue, after Dorcas Haynes, and wait to be stitched a little longer.

Disaster struck here at the beginning of the week when we discovered that a very determined Mr Fox had managed to get into the hen house and dispatch all our poultry, cockerel included, bar one.  The remaining hen seems very traumatised, so we are giving her lots of TLC and as soon as the weather brightens, we will try to find some more ex-battery hens to keep her company.  We were so sad about our cockerel, as although he was a huge Cuckoo Maran, he was the ultimate gentleman, around both his girls and us.  RIP Rocky, we shall miss you.

Ms Divers x

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

A very belated update - sorry!

My sincere apologies for not posting for a while. Christmas and the New Year have occupied me, along with hubby's various ailments, and I have had no time at all to sit down and write.
We are awaiting yet more test results for my husband's poorly chest which has wreaked havoc on him since October. Hopefully we will know by Wednesday what is going on and all will be good.

We were very sad to lose one of our ducks just before Christmas. The other five seem well, and are quite partial to a bit of snow, but do not like it when the ground freezes. Neither do I!

Christmas was over in the blink of an eye.  We spent the day at home with our eldest son and hubby's brother.  My grandchildren visited in the morning and were such fun. No sewing for me that day!

My new sampler, Dorcas Haynes has arrived, but I will post more about that on Nicola's Scarlet Letter Challenge blog.  I am not tempted to start just yet, as I really want to finish my Blue Ribbon Sampler.  My new Millenium frame arrived, along with a new stand, which has been invaluable for working on the BRS. 

My Blue Ribbon Sampler so far.
I have managed to place the first three of the nine smaller samplers, and I am slowly working my way through them all, from left to right.  I love the colours in this sampler, they are both subtle and vibrant.  I have managed to interpret Olwyn's charts correctly, apart from one mistake made in the right hand corner, when stitching the dark green border.  Thankfully it was relatively easy to unpick and redo and didn't impact on anything else. The right hand border is a pleasure to stitch and I can honestly say that (so far) every stitch has been a pleasure.  My eyes are feeling the strain though!

Wishing you all health and happiness in 2013 xx

Ms Divers x