Hens and Chickens

Hens and Chickens

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Starting the exterior decor

Having managed to paint the sash windows and front door, my thoughts turned to the exterior of my Holme Lodge basement.  Many years ago, when I decorated my Georgian dolls house, there was little choice as to what to decorate with - paint or paper!  However one of the first things I discovered on re-entering this hobby, is that there are now a myriad of products with which to finish the exterior of my basement.  Brick compound, versi tiles, brick slips, some very realistic papers, even pebble dash or sandstone.  My husband would probably have been happy if I had just stuck to paint, but oh no, that was no longer on my agenda.  I wanted bricks - real bricks!

After calculating the amount of bricks needed for the exterior, I sent off my order to the lovely Richard Stacey, and two days later a rather large and heavy parcel arrived.  I think I might have forgotten to mention that I just had to have the flagstones, random flags and quarry tiles too - what else could I possibly put in my Victorian kitchen and scullery?

Never having done anything like this before, and as someone who cannot even hang a picture straight, I quickly realised that I would need spacers to help me achieve nice straight even lines.  I found that the little sticks which came with my sash windows (and which I didn't need) were just perfect.  I started on a small area - the garden wall, and I found it relatively easy and strangely therapeutic gluing and laying the slips,

Of course, I quickly realised that I had under estimated the number of bricks needed, as I now had plans to brick the interior garden walls to make a walled garden.  This led to me half bricking the stair walls, also meaning that before I knew it, I had glued and placed 2000 brickslips, and needed more.  It wasn't long before my husband realised what I already knew - this hobby isn't cheap!

Ms Divers x

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